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Loving Yourself

Loving Yourself

We all had those days when you look in the mirror and not like what you’re seeing. I’m not talking about just the physical appearance, a lot of times it goes deeper than that. It may have come to the point where you don’t know or like who you’ve become as a person. I, myself…

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By Khia, November 20, 2016
Upper East Side Wannabe

Upper East Side Wannabe

Chuck and Blair aren’t the only reason why Gossip Girl is everyone’s favourite. We can all agree that GG is the most stylish TV series in the history. I started watching GG because people have told me about the clothes they wear. The show definitely lived up to the hype! Everything they wear is beyond…

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By Khia, November 6, 2016
  • Please remember this, you don't deserve someone who only hopes for your happiness, you deserve someone who will go out of their way to make you happy, no excuses.❤️
  • Sana mahanap ko na yung hinahanap ko hahahaha char!
  • The funny thing about letting you go is that I know im not supposed to fully let you go. You're someone that I wanna keep in my heart forever, at least the memory of you.

I will not let go of the surprised look on your face when you saw me for the first time in four long years.
I will not let go of how the dimples on your cheeks formed when you said "I love you" to me the first time.
I will not let go of how my heart skipped a beat whenever you hold my hand.
I will not let go of the fact that saying "I love you" to you at first was hard but felt right.
I will not let go of how your arms have always felt like home to me.
I will not let go of every witty thing you did to put a smile on my face.
And, I will never let go of the way you loved me.
  • Happiest place
  • "The least you could do, is uncross your heart. Unhope to die."