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Culottes and Khia

October 2, 2016

Before I talk about my #ootd, I should probably tell you a little bit more about myself. My name is Khia, I’ve always wanted to be a blogger but never really got around into running a blog seriously. I’ve made several blogs in the past, posting my first post, then ditching it. Maybe because back then I wasn’t ready, maybe I wasn’t sure what I wanna write about, or simply because I wasn’t passionate enough. Anyway, now that I’m getting older and being stressed out with college, I wanna do something out of the ordinary, something fun, something that I love. So, I pushed myself to give blogging another shot. And that’s how we ended up here.

How am I going to describe my style? To be honest with you, I’m still not sure what my style is. Just like everyone else, I dress depending on my mood though I always make sure that I’m well dressed. “What if I ran into Zayn Malik?” (fangirl alert!) it’s basically my style mantra because don’t we all wanna look good when we see Zayn?

I still love experimenting with fashion, fashion is a trial and error so don’t be afraid to explore. If it fails, you can always laugh about it in the future.

I know I talk a lot, sorry. Anyway, I have grown a love for culottes over the summer. Culottes are wide-legged trousers that resembles a skirt. It all started when I spent summer in the Philippines. Culottes are everywhere, fashionistas and celebrities are wearing it. I see them everywhere I go (mostly Divisoria because who doesn’t love to shop there?) so I thought to myself, why not give them a try. Turns out, they are very comfortable and stylish that’s why I’ve grown to love them.

Since, it’s fall and it gets really chilly here in Winnipeg, I’ve decided to wear a turtle neck. The simple black top brought out the colour of my trousers, which I want to make the “star” of this outfit. I think I did a decent job in doing so.

Top from Sears

Necklace from Michael Hill

Bag from Michael Kors

Pants from Dynamite

Shoes from Aldo

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